Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling System:

Please check the following prior to requesting service on your heating and cooling system. By checking and adhering to these practices you can eliminate furnace and air conditioner issues and assure proper and efficient operation.

  1. Change your filter monthly! Dirty furnace filters are the number one reason for equipment failures. By doing this simple task the equipment will function properly, efficiently and provide a better indoor air quality. If you need assistance or directions on changing your filter please contact our office and one of our friendly maintenance staff will gladly show you the procedure for changing the furnace filter. Please note: if your filter is not disposable you will need to wash it with dish detergent and rinse thoroughly with water and let dry prior to reinstalling the furnace filter. Lastly, if service is required and the issue is found to be a dirty furnace filter, the Resident will be responsible for all expenses associated with the service call.
  2. Check the thermostat. Make sure thermostat is set on the appropriate setting, i.e. heat or cool. If no display is present on the thermostat the issue could be dead batteries, or the electrical wall switch in the mechanical room could have inadvertently been switched to off, or the circuit breaker could have tripped and needs to be reset. Please check these items prior to calling for service.
  3. AC and furnace must be turned on for an extended period of time in order to cool and or heat the premises. AC and furnace will work more efficiently if it is set on one temperature and not adjusted up and down. Do not turn the AC or furnace off when you are not at home and expect it to cool or heat in a matter of a few hours.
  4. All windows and doors must be closed in order for the heating and cooling system to work properly.
  5. When changing the furnace filter, purchase the cheaper type spun filters instead of the pleated filters. The pleated filters restrict air flow and can lead to equipment failure.
  6. Are the Air Returns or floor vents in the apartment unobstructed? Having furniture or items blocking these vents can restrict airflow and cause equipment failure. The AC and Furnace will cool and heat much better if the airflow in the Apartment is not restricted.
  7. Maximum Cooling that can be achieved is 15 to 20 degrees below the ambient (outside) temperature and is considered an acceptable range by the heating and cooling industry.

If your air conditioner is not cooling and the unit is running you will need to turn the outdoor condensing unit off by turning the thermostat from cool to off. Failure to turn the unit off could result in the outdoor condensing unit icing up and we will not be able to get service on the unit until the ice has dissipated which could take several days.

If your cooling system is not operating and requires service, please place an online maintenance request or call our emergency number. Once we receive a request for service we will contact our maintenance staff or a service technician and arrange for the servicing of the equipment. Please be advised that a malfunctioning air conditioner is not considered an emergency unless documentation is provided to our management that a medical condition exists requiring such service. In those cases, we will do everything we can to get the equipment up and running however, we are limited to the availability of parts during holidays, weekends, and after hours.